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Would Appreciate The Help of My Fellow Artists

January 25th, 2014

Would Appreciate The Help of My Fellow Artists

I am slated to be the featured artist for a showing in July 2014 and need to know which pieces would be best to display. It appears that I will have room to display about 50, but would greatly appreciate your help in deciding which ones you consider the best of my work. If you just choose 3, that would be helpful. The showing will take place in Kona, Hawaii if that is of any help.

Thank you in advance for helping me out.


Lori Seaman

Thanks to FAA

January 17th, 2012

Thanks to FAA I have been introduced to the incredible artwork of so many people. I am both humbled and inspired by what I see. I enjoy having a place to display my work and receive comments, and even sell. While I have done, and currently still do photography on a very part-time professional basis, I primarily do it out of love for the art form. It is fun to have contests and it is great to be a part of the various groups. I am grateful to all of you who comment on my work, and invite constructive criticism as well as all those wonderful accolades.

I believe, as with many artists, I strive to improve and become more creative with my work. FAA provides such a great vehicle for seeing how people respond to my experimentations, and I am very thankful that I found them and have now been a member for almost two years.

Thank you FAA, for your wonderful site that brings people from all over the world to my little gallery in cyberspace.